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Mistakes to Avoid as a MTF Trans Woman

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Many MTF trans woman finds it difficult to fully embrace their femininity . This is understandable given that most of them grew up as men and, therefore, were accustomed to manly behaviors. To fully embrace your femininity as a trans woman , you must constantly strive to be more ladylike. You must think and behave in a...

Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Trans Women

You’ve lived a portion of your life as a man and now you’re finally a woman. That’s great. But even the best of us struggle with finding the perfect outfits and the best makeup looks for certain occasions. Here are a few tips that are sure to help every Trans Women out there: DOS • Dress Your Age You may be...

Trans People Trying to Find Love

Trans people find partners the same ways that cis-people do; we put ourselves into places where possible partners are present. Sometimes we do this on purpose and sometimes it just happens. It's important to note that where you live or hang out matters. Openly transgender people have a much easier time meeting dating partners in more...